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And, frankly, the implication that only the people who build these things are qualified to comment on their societal implications/#AIethics shows just how naïve and *un*qualified LeCun is in this area.

Note: I'm assuming naïveté and not ill-intent. Generously.


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I think it's also important to point out that corporations are **not moral agents**. The only thing they "want" to do is increase profits. And if they can get away with doing direct harm to people to increase profits, they 100% will (are are) doing it.


Our tools to counteract this (as actual moral agents and people living in the world) are:

1) Worker activism & labor organizing (if no one will build Puppy Kickers™️ they won't get built)
2) Legislation that makes it so expensive to make Puppy Kickers™️ no profit can be made

@rctatman Are you talking about trade union organizations? But I would not make all sorts of generalizations. Corporations also have internal documents regulating moral values and social responsibility.

@linuxoid they are in no way bound by internal documents & historically have chosen not to abide by them whenever it would be more profitable not to (e.g. through 3rd party contracts). As far as I can tell, docs like those tend to exist to make workers ~feel~ like they're legit.

@rctatman @linuxoid there is a strong selection bias here, if a company acted morally and didn't do the Bad Stuff ™️, you wouldn't even hear about it.

Although being on the lookout for behaviours you described (e.g. placating the workers with pledging to do the right thing and than acting against it) is always a good idea.

@orange_orangutan @rctatman I think that you will agree with me in the idea that grassroots workers really need horizontal connections between themselves.

@rctatman I do not believe paper bureaucrats behind beautiful signs, but I believe my friends, with whom, as we say, "I ate a pound of salt."

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