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It's been a long time coming, and now it's almost time! Sis, the Black Women in Data Summit is going to be out of this world. Have you got your ticket yet?

Register here:

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APPLY NOW: Applications are now open for the fall semester of our Justice Through Code program. If you are formerly incarcerated and want to learn how to code, this free program is for you!


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It's wild to me that *this* isn't the main discussion point for AI Ethics Twitter right now.

What a week. 😩

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designing the autopilot program to shut off less than a second before impact so your company can deny it was the cause of the impact is simply epic

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DALLE-2 has a secret language.
"Apoploe vesrreaitais" means birds.
"Contarra ccetnxniams luryca tanniounons" means bugs or pests.

The prompt: "Apoploe vesrreaitais eating Contarra ccetnxniams luryca tanniounons" gives images of birds eating bugs.

A thread (1/n)🧵

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Fact I learnt at @BigscienceW@twitter.com at : the C02 cost of generating 3B tokens is equivalent to the one of training a 13B model (including research and travel)

For comparison, GPT3 some time ago reported 4.5B generated words... *per day*


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How do the tools and techniques of computational linguistics serve the full diversity of the world’s languages? Join us at our keynote panel at @aclmeeting@twitter.com 9am Wednesday. We invite questions in advance to steven.bird@cdu.edu.au. @ILDecade@twitter.com @CDUni@twitter.com 2022.aclweb.org/keynote-speake

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We're having a sale! 10% off all services, including transcription and captioning, until 31st May 2022.

​Booking us helps support well-paid, flexible work for our disabled freelancers.

​Email for a quote: hello@academicaudiotranscription.com

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New paper! arxiv.org/abs/2205.08922

@Soccermatics@twitter.com & I argue why success in modelling board games cannot transfer when modelling human behaviour/social phenomena; while the former can be captured in data & rules, the latter is incompressible, ambiguous, & socially contentious.


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My friends @Ebonyrgooden@twitter.com and @CourageBacchus@twitter.com have the opportunity to perform at the International Deaf Arts, Cline D’ oeil Festival in Reims, France! Please help make this trip a reality by sharing and donating!! ❤


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Thrilled to announce that I've been awarded the Post-Doctoral Enrichment Awards by @turinginst@twitter.com.

We'll explore "the (eco)systemic challenges in AI"
together with @bobirakova@twitter.com, @MPerezOrtiz_@twitter.com and @roeldobbe@twitter.com by organising a workshop on socio-technical and ecological perspectives.

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🚨 New blog post: I look at the ages of all references in all ACL papers, and ask "why does it feel like we only cite papers from 2019 and on?" Lots of fun stuff. mayhewsw.github.io/2022/05/03/

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Damn straight!

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Overall, I think investing in communities by creating dedicated data sources (thereby jobs, tech ecosystems, etc) is how to level up performance & catch up vs. the "Zero Shot" method that avoids all that. But hey, just my opinion... Ewe & English->Twi results coming up 3/🧵

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The New Languages for NLP conference continues tomorrow (times EDT):

2:45 pm: East Asian Historical Language Models

4:30 pm: @_inesmontani@twitter.com keynote

Part of the @nlp_new@twitter.com institute in partnership w/ @DARIAHeu@twitter.com & w/ support from @NEH_ODH@twitter.com

Details/register: cdh.princeton.edu/updates/2022

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